Protected Growth

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Protected Growth

How you build and protect your wealth is one of the most important decisions you will make. When it comes to financial security for you and your family, pre-packaged solutions aren’t good enough. You need a thoughtful, thorough approach to investment planning that balances your personal and financial goals.

What’s your answer?

While the stock market is one of the best ways to grow wealth, it can be risky. For many that risk deters participation in what’s proven to be one of the best investments for retirement. But what if you could lock in your yearly earnings in the stock market and be protected from losses when the market is down? Would you be willing to earn a slightly lower rate of return? For most of us, the answer is yes.

Protected Growth stories

Carla G.

At 44, Carla had been working in the hotel industry for twenty-six years and was starting a new career as a teacher. She had accumulated a nice nest egg through her company’s 401(k). Carla didn’t want to risk losing that hard earned money, but she wanted to participate in the stock market. We helped Carla roll over $165,000 into one of our Protected Growth Programs. She put half of the funds in a guaranteed fixed rate account and the other half in an account linked to an SP & 500 index fund. After the first year, Carla’s account grew to 174,900. In the second year, the stock market lost money, but Carla’s investment grew to $176,642.

Guy M.

Guy, 45, was changing jobs. Instead of leaving his retirement money with his old employer, Guy rolled it over into one of our Protected Growth programs. Seven years later the account had grown from $45,000 to $73,716. Recently we transferred the $73,716 into a new Protected Growth Program that offers multiple index strategies and Enhanced Protection for withdrawals, chronic illness and death.

Sue J.

Sue invested $300,000 into a Protected Growth Program guaranteeing that account value will never fall below her initial $300,000 investment. Four years later, Sue’s account has grown to $378,657. Her account is now guaranteed to never fall below $378,657 because those annual gains are locked in.

David W.

David and his wife are both semi-retired and concerned about the potential cost for long-term care. They want to protect their hard-earned money while enjoying their golden years. They also want to leave an inheritance to their children. After meeting with David and his wife we transferred $400,000 into a Protected Growth Program that offers Enhanced Protection for both should they become chronically ill. Over the last six years, their $400,000 has grown to $563,000, with zero risk to the initial investment.

Howard D.

Howard inherited $50,000, which sat in his savings account for two years. He realized there was a better way to protect and grow his money. We offered Howard a three-year fixed rate program locked in at 4% interest annually. Howard is guaranteed to earn $5,161 in interest over the three years and the profit is not taxable while held in the account.

Sonia R.

At 61 Sonia took $275,000 she had in CDs and invested in one of our Protected Growth Programs. She planned to retire at 64, but she wanted to defer her Social Security until age 70. We had the perfect six-year bridge: Sonia will withdraw $22,785 annually once retired, allowing her to defer her Social Security benefit. By 70 she will have withdrawn $136,710, and her account value is expected to be around $280,000. What’s more, Sonia’s Protected Growth Program allows her to receive 32% more income annually in Social Security because it gave her the ability to defer her benefit.

Ann P.

Ann, a federal employee, was planning on retiring in five years. She wanted to make sure she couldn’t lose money while still participating in the stock market, so we helped her roll $80,000 over into one of our Protected Growth Programs. Three years later Ann unexpectedly passed away, and her daughter inherited the account balance of $88,600.

Leonard O.

Leonard, a teacher age 26, wanted to start saving in his 403(b) retirement program. He could afford to save $250 per paycheck. He chose a program that participates in stock market growth and locks in yearly gains while protecting his money from loss. What’s more, for the first five years the program matches a percentage of Leonard’s contributions, and all his contributions are payroll deducted—this means he’s not paying income tax on his monthly contributions.

Wiletta P.

We helped Willetta transfer $28,000 from an IRA into one of our Protected Growth Programs. The following year, Willetta needed $2,000 for unexpected expenses. She was able to withdraw $2,000 from the account, and still, eight years later, the account has grown to $44,000. What’s more, the account participates in stock market growth, locks in yearly gains and protects her money from losses.

Individual results will vary. Schedule an appointment with one of our financial professionals to discuss how our Protected Growth Programs might work for you. This information is not intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice. Required distributions are taxable.

A plan for retirement

We offer a suite of programs that allow you to benefit from growth in the stock market while protecting you from loss of principal investment and annual gains previously earned when the market is down. These programs are customized to your risk tolerance. For many, that tolerance is zero, with no chance of loss in downturns. Others will assume little more risk with potentially more upside when the market does extremely well. For most, these programs are a great way to participate in the market and start building wealth.

The perfect balance of growth, tax deferral & downside protection

Planning for retirement is something we all need to do, whether’s it’s one year or twenty years away. Our customizable programs provide safe and predictable returns. You can participate in stock market growth while being protected from risk. It’s a strategy that brings both a brighter tomorrow and more peace of mind today.