Lifetime Income

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Lifetime Income

We all want a bright financial future. But finding the best way to grow and manage your wealth can be overwhelming—unless you have the right partner: Hawai‘i Mortgage Protection Group.

We offer products that guarantee a predictable monthly income. You have only upside potential with no market risk.

Retirees with a guaranteed income are happier and live longer according to Time and the Wall Street Journal.

The number-one worry of retirees is running out of money.

Research shows that those who have guaranteed, predictable, lifetime income experience less stress.

A few Lifetime Income stories

Adelle B.

At 61, Adelle, a widow, invested her late husband’s $175,000 death benefit into one of our Lifetime Income programs. When she retired at 70, Adelle activated the Guaranteed Lifetime Income benefit. She now receives $1,750/month. At 90, Adelle will have received $420,000 in monthly payments. The lifetime income is predictable and guaranteed until the day she dies.

Rick Z.

When Rick sold his company at 42 years old, his 68-year-old father was struggling to keep up with his expenses. He knew that his father needed an additional $1,250 monthly to retire. We helped Rick put $250,000 into a program that guaranteed his father $1,250 monthly for twenty years. Rick’s father immediately started receiving the $1,250 until, fourteen years later, Rick’s father passed away. Rick continues receiving the $1,250/month, and over twenty years the total payout will be $300,000.

Lawrence D.

Lawrence, an executive, worked hard to save $1,000,000 in his company’s 401(k), but he was concerned about running out of money in retirement. We helped Lawrence rollover $500,000 from his 401(k) into one of our Lifetime Income programs. Ten years later, Lawrence now receives $62,457 annually. This guaranteed lifetime income will continue until the day both Lawrence and his spouse dies.

Lisa F.

Lisa, a federal employee, had saved well in her TSP retirement plan. She retired at 52 after twenty-eight years of service. She rolled over $350,000 in her retirement account to a Predictable Guaranteed Lifetime Income Program. The program also offered Enhanced Protection if Lisa ever requires long-term care. She plans to activate her Predictable Lifetime Income in ten years. At 62, Lisa is guaranteed to receive $35,458 annually for the rest of her life. By 82, Lisa will have received $709,160 in lifetime income.

Kalani A.

Kalani, 60, was planned to retire from his work as an electrician at 65. He was very worried about running out of money in retirement and how expenses like long-term care would impact him and his family. What’s more, Kalani had previously been declined for long-term care insurance. He was also concerned about leaving enough money for his wife should he pass away. Kalani invested $200,000 into a flexible Lifetime Income Program that paid a double benefit if he needed long-term care. At 70, the benefits will include a guaranteed lifetime income of $22,330 annually, a nursing home annual benefit of $44,600 and a death benefit of $350,000.

Randy H.

Randy, 60, a retired pilot and teacher, wanted to supplement his retirement income, which was comprised of a pension, Social Security and an IRA. After meeting with Randy, we determined he would need an additional monthly income of $1,600 starting at age 68. We helped Randy transfer $150,000 from his IRA into one of our Lifetime Income Programs. When he turns 68, Randy will receive a guaranteed monthly income of $1,600 until the day he dies. Additionally, the Lifetime Income Plan offers Enhanced Protection should Randy or his spouse suffer from a qualifying health condition.

George P.

George inherited $300,000 from a wealthy relative. He was concerned paying for long-term care and having enough money to last through his retirement. We determined George would need an additional $2,000 monthly to cover his expenses and afford him the lifestyle in retirement he wanted. We helped George set up a Lifetime Income Program coupled with a Protected Growth Program. We moved $200,000 into a Lifetime Income Program that produced the $2,000 in monthly income. We moved the remaining $100,000 into a Protected Growth Program that participates in stock market growth, locks in yearly gains and is protected from market downturns.

Tia R.

Tia received $225,000 in her divorce. She was a working professional and didn’t need the money immediately, but wanted to be sure it would last her lifetime. After meeting with Tia, we determined that she could retire in eight years. She moved the money into a Lifetime Income Program that guaranteed $24,935 annually starting eight years later, when she turned 65. Her predictable, guaranteed income will continue until the day she dies.

Individual results will vary. Schedule an appointment with one of our financial professionals to discuss how our Lifetime Income Programs might work for you. This information is not intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice. Required distributions are taxable.

Did you know there’s a way to guarantee a predictable monthly income that you can’t outlive?

A secure retirement depends on having enough dependable income to meet your needs and afford the extras.

Our programs can supplement Social Security and/or a pension and take the worry out of retirement, because your monthly payments are guaranteed to keep coming even if you live past age 100.

Guaranteed & Predictable

Our income for life programs are ideal for people who want to participate in growth when the stock market is strong but do not want to risk losses when markets turn down. We all know stock investments can be risky. This is an ideal way to benefit when the market is up while protecting yourself from loss of principal invested and annual gains previously earned when the market is down. You’ll sleep better knowing your investment can only grow.

Planned for Your Future

Everyone has different financial needs. Maybe you want to maximize your Social Security payouts? Put a child through college? Develop a predictable, lifelong income stream for retirement? The staff at Hawai‘i Mortgage Protection Group will listen carefully to tailor the right income for life product for you. What do you want to accomplish, by when? Who and what is most important to you? How much risk are you willing to tolerate? What other factors, like taxes, should you consider? The result is guaranteed, predictable income that you cannot outlive.